Name: Abigail Capers
Legal Name : Abigail Winifred Capers
Origin: Milky Way Galaxy, Planet EarthAbigail Winifred Capers
Age : 12
Height : 4’ 10’’
Weight : 89lbs
Hair : brown
Eyes : green
Unusual Features :
Occupation: student
Martial Status: single
Known Affiliations :
Known Relatives:
Strength Factor: 5
Super Human Abilities: Abigail Capers possessed a highly evolved human brain, to what extent was never determined.
Special Skills: Undetermined
History: Abigail Capers was an Autistic child who was a mathematical genius. She came to the attention of the High Evolutionary when she won a National Math and Science contest held in Upstate New York. The child was later assassinated the Deamodian Royal Assassin Dez Daityäas.

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