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Name: Säuska Alzäeus Legal Name: Gaawsumia Sauska Alzeaus Known Aliases: Sawuska, Sausga , Istar, Goddess of love(Hurrian) – ‘She who is armed’ Age: 4.011 B years Height: 5’ 11” Weight: 312 lbs Hair: Red and Gold Eyes: Gold Occupation: Gawazii Ruler, Deity (Idam) Known Relatives: King Odäne Alzeaus Strength Class : 66 Super Human Abilities: […]

Dimensional Reality: Oirey

Dimensional Reality: Oirey   Ruling Party: Them   Leader: Her   Capital: Planet Lilla, Kundishi System, Nunn Galaxy   Known Systems: 765m   Living Planets: 1.32m   5 Disciplines Mastery: Complete   Evolutionary Stage: Complete   Known Species: 23.8m   Languages: 412   Special Units: The Watchers   The Dimensional reality known as Oirey came […]