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The Gods had found a weakness in early men

The Gaawdz had found a weakness in early men. The Collective could not deny that it was a masterful plan.   When they crawled out of their caves and into the frightening abyss of creation, they found the Gawazaii waiting to greet them. Beautiful and powerful immortals, early man worshipped them as Gods. They wooed […]

Deep within its fortress

Deep within its fortress, a billion light years away from the world of the Gods, as men have called them, the digital consciousness known as the Central Intelligence observes carefully the actions of its proxy as it greets the Ğäwåżaii Elite. It is a great risk sending her here. The immeasurable distance strains the control […]

There are in the deep regions of space

There are, in the deep regions of space, pathways to dimensional pockets, hidden to all but those who know the great highways of existence. These are the gateways between worlds connecting the vast unyielding cosmos. In this specific pocket, in this particular quadrant, at this precise moment, there comes a quiver. It is the tiniest […]

The Enlightener

The Enlightener  Type: Staff  Origin: The Enlightener is a uniquely designed weapon incorporating Gawazaii and stolen Prime technology.  Commissioned Emperor Unthar Alzäeus the weapons internal construction was engineered by a captive Prime diplomat and executed by Gawazaii engineers     Properties: The Enlightener is composed of a unique, high density alloy that is lightweight, resistant to […]


ShadowStrike  Type: Knife Origin: ShadowStrike was forged by Alvi  ze-Guji of the  Daemon Imperial Guard, using a smelting process developed by his ancestral clan.  Upon his death he passed the blade along to Dez Daityäas, for whom he had secretly designed the blade.   Properties: ShadowStrike is made of a highly dense metallic alloy developed by […]

World Poverty

Almost half the world — over three billion people — live on less than $2.50 a day. #SystemOfControl   Currency (gold) water, resources and systems of populace. 8 Billion humans live on Earth. 

Nine Worlds Exist

Nine worlds exist in the Multi-universe, born in one instance, linked for all eternity.  Each is was unique, finding its own path to completion. After billions of years had passed, the Book of Knowledge is uncovered, revealing “The Equation”, the undeniable force that governs the nature of all things.   Each world must reach evolutionary […]

9 World

 Nine worlds exist in the Multi-universe, born in one grand instance, linked for all eternity.  Each world was unique, finding its own path to completion, unfolding the great secrets of creation as the life these worlds produced left their planets and solar systems and launched themselves deep and deeper into the vast cosmos. After billions […]