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Mars War

Martian Alliance Forces Sergeant Smoochie Lei Denhay Pe’tras Jack Jack Hollerin Dunny, Grant, Camo, Tags, Cutty, Vanaiy Gutariz, Ortaz, Rubdat, Tairoi, Yullop, Watsul, Fat Boy CFO Dekko Manfield PX300 PX600 The Final Mission South Argyre, Terra Sabae 9, Isidis Planitia, Utopa Planitia, Lucus Planum Launch Marso   Serantia Aborjain was a Martian citizens who played a major […]

A Masterful plan

And so Omni found itself content to observe the transpiring events from it’s base in the hidden pocket of time/space. It had stirred the hearts of the Oirey and the Vimāna-vāsin who would unknowingly serve it’s cause. And the human oracle who it spoke to in visions and dreams, was progressing the evolution of man […]

He is merciless

Exert 9 World Chronicles Book I chapter 8 “He is merciless, meticulous and methodical. It is truly a dazzling display of violence. Not that Audrey Lee-Ann Kingston-Drake is a fan of violence.  But she is a fan of the almost superhuman strength, the lightening fast reflexes and the smooth and powerful flow of his frame. […]

We’ll Make him stronger

“He’ll come because we’ll make him stronger. We’ll make him better. He won’t be able to resist that. We’ll offer him a contract like we do the others.”           related, Falcon Rohn, Audrey Kingston Drake, Hatcher Reznik, High Evolutionary  

Hatcher Reznik

Name: Hatcher Reznik Legal Name: Andrei Franz Reznik Age: 45 Height: 6’ 1” Weight: 189 lbs; 85.9 kg Hair: Brown Eyes: Green Occupation: Head of Security High Evolutionary, Navy Seal (retired), Mercenary Martial Status: Divorced Known Affiliations: United States Navy Known Relatives: Sandy Reznik (ex wife), Xavier Kyle Reznik (son) Strength Class: 2 Super Human […]

Queen of the Gods – exert 9 World Chronicles

Queen of the Gods   The fourth general is Sauska Alzaeus, Odane’s wife. She bears the title of Gawsumia, “Queen of All”. She is beautiful and radiant. Pristine white robes cover her thin, elegant form. Gold and red tresses of hair flow like lava  around her refined face and delicate shoulders and stand out in […]

The Citadel

The Citadel (Planet E-Alom) Capital City Planet Ğäwåżaii Ruling Body Pop.: 11,421,019 Mass: 3.833E24 kg (0.6418 Earth mass) Length of day: N/A Density: 4.93 g/cm³ Orbital period: N/A Surface area:144,798,500 km2 (0.284 Earths) Volume:1.6318×1011 km3(0.151 Earths) Mass:6.4185×1023 kg (0.107 Earths) Mean density:3.9335 ± 0.0004[4] g/cm³ Equatorial surface gravity 6.711 m/s² [4] Escape velocity 5.027 km/s […]

There are many myths

 There are many myths There are many myths among the world of men regarding the creation of existence. For the 12,000 years of your history you have passed these as fables, and lore and myth, from man to child and beyond. They have been your comfort and guidance. From them you have taken morals, laws […]