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Ion of the Tathgata

Name:  Ion Legal Name: Susanoo Known Aliases:   Age:  2.225 Billion years Height:  (in energy form) variable. (in armored form) 2.0063 Meters Weight:  (in energy form) n/a; in armored form) 202.756 kg Hair:  Brown (projection) Eyes:   Blue (projection) Unusual Features: Occupation: Warrior, Scholar Base of Operations: Planet Hai, Astoria System, Dez Galaxy Vimāna Reality Martial […]

Nanaja Tasmetu she who hears prayers

Name: Nanaja Tasmetu Legal Name: Nanaja Tasmetu Known Aliases: “she who hears prayers”, Nana (pre-christian Armenia, Kybele Age: 4 billion yrs (approx.) Height: 1.59 meters Weight: 171.48 kg Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue Unusual Features: Occupation: Ruler, Deity Base of Operations: Planet Blumm, Havion System, Gäwazaii Reality Martial Status: unknown Known Affiliations: The Gäwazaii ż Ruling […]

Fiona Teraz Super Human

Name : Fiona Legal Name : Andraste Fiona Teraz Age : 19 Height : 5′ 8′ Weight : 119 lbs Hair : Black (dyed) with silver streaks (dyed) Eyes :  Lavender Occupation: Student Martial Status: Known Affiliations : The High Evolutionary Known Relatives: Antoni Teraz (father, deceased) Juliana Teraz )Mother deceased), Albert Hogan (adoptive father) […]

DarkStar of the Tathagata

DarkStar of the Tathagata Name: Vaisravana Legal Name: Vaisravana Known Aliases: Kubera, To-wen (China) , Bishamon (Japan) ; Rnam-thos-sras (Tibet) Age: 2.1 Billion years Height: (in energy form) variable; (in armored form) 1.981 meters Weight: (in energy form) n/a; (in armored form) 231.92178 Hair: Teal Eyes: Purple Unusual Features: Occupation: Mathematician, Warrior, God of Wealth […]

Shall I bow

Shall I bow to him you have made of clay Do you see this being who you have exalted above me? If you give me respite until the day of Resurrection I will exterminate his decedents

Dangerous Allies 9 World Chronicles ch4 excert

Dangerous Allies Reality: Gawazaii System: Titan Major Planet: The Citadel Locale Time/Space: Budapest (23.32); 4B period 1004 3:07 p      The great Central Intelligence of Osmidite, the so called Mecha World, waited patiently for the organic creature to which it was allied. It had, over it’s 2 Billion years had few opportunities to observe […]

Demon Rising 9 World Chronicles ch 1

Demon Rising   Reality: Idam System: Milky Way Planet: Earth Locale Time/Space: New York(1.439-a);4B period 1004  1:15 am est   There were in the deep regions of space, pathways to dimensional pockets, hidden to all but those who knew the great highways of existence. These were the gateways between worlds. In this specific pocket, in […]

Deathwing lesser demon

  About: Deathwings are highly aggressive lesser daemons often operating under the direct control of some more evolved creature or in rogue groups (murders) in the wild. Obsessively territorial DeathWings are often used by Dragon’s to defend treasure.   Physical Information:   Length; (m) 4’ 2” (f) 4’ 10 “ Weight; (m) 623 lbs (f) […]

King Odane Alzeus the Mighty

 Name: King Odäne Alzäeus The Mighty Legal Name: King Odäne Alzäeus Age: Unknown Height: 6’ 7” Weight: 433 lbs Hair: Silver Eyes: Blue Unusual Features: Occupation: Supreme Ruler Gawazaii Reality, Conquer of Worlds Known Aliases: Zeus, Set, The Bringer, The Golden, Father, Odane the Wise, The 1st Born, Odin, also Wottan – Germanicm, Adam Kasia […]