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Elves About: Elves are among the most advanced species in all exist living in highly advanced utopian cites and living exceptionally long lives. Physical Information: Height; (m) 5’ 10” (f) 5’ 9” Weight; (m) 175 lbs (f) 122 lbs Skin: smooth Arms: 2 Legs: 2 Life Span – Immortal Wing Span – (m) 7’ 3” […]


Tathagata –The ruling council of the Vimāna-vāsin. Literally translating to “the perfect ones” represent the 9 first generation immortals of the realm. The first were Dyaus pitar and his consort Prithivi who were the students of Ak Obhya zZen the savior of the Gäwazaii War circa 4.1009 a.g.e.. Dyaus and Prithivi were joined by former […]

Citadel of the Gods Zeus Thor

Nine worlds exist in the Universe. After billions of years, the ancient Book of Knowledge is uncovered, revealing “The Equation”. Each of the nine worlds must reach evolutionary perfection before they can ascend to the next stage of creation. Once their destiny is fulfilled, all life will cease to exist in preparation for the next […]


Name: Säuska Alzäeus Legal Name: Gaawsumia Sauska Alzeaus Known Aliases: Sawuska, Sausga , Istar, Goddess of love(Hurrian) – ‘She who is armed’ Age: 4.011 B years Height: 5’ 11” Weight: 312 lbs Hair: Red and Gold Eyes: Gold Occupation: Gawazii Ruler, Deity (Idam) Known Relatives: King Odäne Alzeaus Strength Class : 66 Super Human Abilities: […]

Dimensional Reality: Oirey

Dimensional Reality: Oirey   Ruling Party: Them   Leader: Her   Capital: Planet Lilla, Kundishi System, Nunn Galaxy   Known Systems: 765m   Living Planets: 1.32m   5 Disciplines Mastery: Complete   Evolutionary Stage: Complete   Known Species: 23.8m   Languages: 412   Special Units: The Watchers   The Dimensional reality known as Oirey came […]