There are in the deep regions of space

There are, in the deep regions of space, pathways to dimensional pockets, hidden to all but those who know the great highways of existence. These are the gateways between worlds connecting the vast unyielding cosmos. In this specific pocket, in this particular quadrant, at this precise moment, there comes a quiver. It is the tiniest quake that suddenly ripples, and then slowly burst open, depositing into this space and time, Dez Daityäas, Imperial Assassin of the Ruling House of Daemos. The journey from her homeland has been a blur to her keen eyes, a twisting, turning rollercoaster that plays havoc on her stomach. She can see endless, rich blackness and golden hued pathways, like some great comic expressway.  And through the haze, Dez, who possesses a profoundly curious mind, never has time to process what she is seeing as she comes to a stop with a harsh, bone jarring thud. She curses in her ancient language. 

9 World

 9 Logo for FaviconNine worlds exist in the Multi-universe, born in one grand instance, linked for all eternity.  Each world was unique, finding its own path to completion, unfolding the great secrets of creation as the life these worlds produced left their planets and solar systems and launched themselves deep and deeper into the vast cosmos. After billions of years had passed, the ancient Book of Knowledge is uncovered, revealing “The Equation”, the undeniable force that governs the nature of all things.


Each of the nine worlds must reach evolutionary perfection before they can ascend, as one, to the next stage of creation. Once their destiny is fulfilled, all life will cease to exist in preparation for the next cycle.


The Gäwazaii people from their distant, fortress kingdom have already achieved ultimate perfection – they were worshipped as Gods and used their so-called demons to inflict chaos and strife; to keep the worlds in fear and ignorance.


The humans of Earth, the last of the undeveloped worlds, have toiled under the mighty grip of the Gäwazaii for 10,000 years, hindered by Gäwazaii inspired wars and dysfunction.


But a new generation of humans has emerged, a force strong enough to free mankind of its shackles. The High Evolutionary, a small group dedicated to the evolution of mankind has begun to identify them, using their advanced technology to enhance their super human talents. One such man, Falcon Rohn, a fighter in an outlaw league holds a key to understanding the code…and duplicating it.


Desperate to maintain his grip on the humans, and his own immortality, Odane Alzäeus the king of the Gäwazaii launches a new offensive to conquer the world of men. Allied with the Lord of the Daemons and the powerful Central Intelligence, the Gäwazaii are posed to bring the Earth to its knees.


But the Earth it’s not alone in its war. The Vimana and Oirey, ancient, powerful civilizations stand by its side. The lines have been drawn, alliances formed and now the battle for the end begins.




Deity: God


Founded: 1st Century C.E.
Status: Active


Prophet: Jesus of Nazareth


Sacred Text: The Bible


Number of Followers : 2 BillionChristianity3

Christianity – A major world belonging to the Semitic family;  (Earth, Janus 1) religion, stemming from the life, teachings, and death of Jesus of Nazareth (the Christ, or the Anointed One of God * god blessed) in the 1st century C.E..


Tathagata –The ruling council of the Vimāna-vāsin. Literally translating to “the perfect ones” represent the 9 first generation immortals of the realm. The first were Dyaus pitar and his consort Prithivi who were the students of Ak Obhya zZen the savior of the Gäwazaii War circa 4.1009 a.g.e.. Dyaus and Prithivi were joined by former […]

The Guardian


Name: Säuska Alzäeus
Legal Name: Gaawsumia Sauska Alzeaus
Known Aliases: Sawuska, Sausga , Istar, Goddess of love(Hurrian) – ‘She who is armed’
Age: 4.011 B years
Height: 5’ 11”
Weight: 312 lbs
Hair: Red and Gold
Eyes: Gold
Occupation: Gawazii Ruler, Deity (Idam)
Known Relatives: King Odäne Alzeaus
Strength Class : 66
Super Human Abilities: Possesses a number of super human abilities based of her highly evolved Gawzaii physiology. She is virtually immortal, immune to disease and able to regenerate damaged and missing tissue.
Special Skills :  Mastered E, M, and G interactions to various effects. She has shown the ability to fly at the speed of sound, generate electrical fields, manipulate matter to a limited degree and form telepathic bonds allowing her to read minds.