9 World Chronicles Chapter 3 exert

Odäne throws back his head and laughs, loud and long. He had at some point begun to question his grand design, his blue print to conquer the galaxies. DreaLoqui had delivered him a most welcome gift, great enough that he may not kill him in the end.

His brilliant blue eyes find Diviana, a field general beyond any since their father. He watches her brow furrow in thought for a moment and then quickly replaced by a subtle, but genuine smile. She already had a plan in motion. 

Horyu Temple


Elves About: Elves are among the most advanced species in all exist living in highly advanced utopian cites and living exceptionally long lives. Physical Information: Height; (m) 5’ 10” (f) 5’ 9” Weight; (m) 175 lbs (f) 122 lbs Skin: smooth Arms: 2 Legs: 2 Life Span – Immortal Wing Span – (m) 7’ 3” (f) 7’ 1” Tail Length (m) 4’ 8” (f) Strength Class: 9 Intelligence: moderate to high


Tathagata –The ruling council of the Vimāna-vāsin. Literally translating to “the perfect ones” represent the 9 first generation immortals of the realm. The first were Dyaus pitar and his consort Prithivi who were the students of Ak Obhya zZen the savior of the Gäwazaii War circa 4.1009 a.g.e..

Dyaus and Prithivi were joined by former rival Waralden Olmai spreading the teachings of their master throughout the realm and searching for the 6 remaining first generation immortals.  The Tathagata have served as the guiding force of their realm of existence. They have fostered alliances with the Alanday Collective, The Oirey Them and have been active in Idam since the 2nd Gawazaii incursion.

  • Dyaus pitar The Guardian – Regarded in India as the sky-god and father of god. Usually mentioned in association  with the earth goddess Prithivi.

  • Prithivi/Avenger – Worshipped in India as the earth goddess. Mother of Acala Bashir and wife of Dyaus pitar. The most powerful of the Tathagata.

  • Susanoo (Thunder) – Worshipped in Japan as god of the winds and of the ocean. Also in confused with the Norse Thunder God Thor. Associated with snakes and dragons.

  • Waralden Olmai (Dragon)  – One of the most esteemed gods of the Lapp. The name comes from the old Norse  veraldar god (‘world god’) The guardian of the east, Dhṛtarāṣṭra, in India is known as the king of the celestial musicians, the gandharvas. He is coloured white and has as his symbol a stringed instrument. In China he is called Ch’ih-kuo (in Japan, Jikoku; in Tibet, Yul-‘khor-bsrung) and is associated with summer.

  • Vaisravana/ Dark Star the Gaurdian of the North n India Kubera is called king of the yakṣas and is shown coloured yellow, holding a banner in the right hand and a mongoose in the left. In China he is called To-wen (in Japan, Bishamon; in Tibet, Rnam-thos-sras) and symbolizes autumn

  • Tia-yi of the 9 palaces/ Nova the gaurdian of the South Virūḍhaka, in India is king of the giant kumbhaṇḍas (pot-bellied gnomes). He is coloured blue or green and carries a sword. In China he is called Tseng-chang (in Japan, Kōmoku; in Tibet, ʿPhags-skyes-po) and symbolizes spring

  • Tarini the rising star/ Champion  – “She who delivers” also”, “Star”. She was the 3rd immortal

  • Sumbharaja/ Ion – Guardian of the madalas. He has three eyes, six arms, and in his crown bears the image of Akobhya. The eldest of the 1st Gen Vasin. he guardian of the west, Virūpākṣa, in India commands the serpents (nāgas). He is coloured red and has as his symbol a small shrine, or a jewel, and a serpent. In China he is called Kwang-mu (in Japan, Zōchō; in Tibet, Klu) and is associated with winter.

  • Vasudhara  /  The Redeemer – regarded by the Buddhist as the goddess of riches, She is the consort of  Vaisravana. She is portrayed as yellow


Name: A-a
Pantheon: Mesopotamian
Gender: Female

Known Aliases: 

The Guardian

The Guardian
Name: Dyaus pitar
Legal Name: Dyaus pitar
Age: 2.38 Billion years
Height: (in energy form) variable; in armored form 2.12 meters      
Weight: (in energy form) n/a; in armored form 292.11. kg
Hair: Black (projection)
Eyes: Brown (projection)
Unusual Features: Dyaus pitar, like most of his species, exist in a quasi-energy form. His projection is a version of his form physical form.
Occupation: Teacher. Warrior
Martial Status: n/a
Known Affiliations: Tathagata          
Known Relatives: Acala Bashir (son), Prithivi (consort)

Strength Class: 9
Super Human Abilities: Dyaus possesses several superhuman abilities based on his highly evolved Vasin physiology. He body exists in a quasi energy form allowing him to master particle energies at a near perfect level. He is immune to disease and posses the ability to regenerate damaged tissue making him virtually immortal.
Special Skills: Dyaus has mastered E, G, B, and N particle manipulation to an elite degree. He has shown the ability to fly, and projection powerful beams of energy.
Weapons: n/a
Accessories: Dyaus possesses a specialized suit of nearly indestructible armor. Powered by an energy source such as Dyaus the suit is capable of deep space flight at velocities approaching the speed of light.
History: Dyaus is a 1st Generation Vimāna -vāsin, he has dedicated his life to spreading the teaching of his mentor Ak Obhya zZen. He has been instrumental in establishing Zen strong holds on planet Earth of the Idam realm.
He is regarded in India as the sky-god and father of god. He is usually mentioned in association with the earth goddess Prithivi.

Citadel of the Gods Zeus Thor

Citadel of the Gods photo 9mCitadel_zps8f7af7a2.jpg Nine worlds exist in the Universe. After billions of years, the ancient Book of Knowledge is uncovered, revealing “The Equation”. Each of the nine worlds must reach evolutionary perfection before they can ascend to the next stage of creation. Once their destiny is fulfilled, all life will cease to exist in preparation for the next cycle. The Gäwåzai people from the distant planet of Citadel have already achieved ultimate perfection – they were worshiped as Gods and used their so-called demons to inflict chaos; to keep the worlds in fear and ignorance. “We live a perfect existence. We are Gods. Allowing destiny to be fulfilled means our destruction. We failed with others, the answer lies with Idam..there lies are our salvation)

Donbittir Alzeaus


Name: Säuska Alzäeus
Legal Name: Gaawsumia Sauska Alzeaus
Known Aliases: Sawuska, Sausga , Istar, Goddess of love(Hurrian) – ‘She who is armed’
Age: 4.011 B years
Height: 5’ 11”
Weight: 312 lbs
Hair: Red and Gold
Eyes: Gold
Occupation: Gawazii Ruler, Deity (Idam)
Known Relatives: King Odäne Alzeaus
Strength Class : 66
Super Human Abilities: Possesses a number of super human abilities based of her highly evolved Gawzaii physiology. She is virtually immortal, immune to disease and able to regenerate damaged and missing tissue.
Special Skills :  Mastered E, M, and G interactions to various effects. She has shown the ability to fly at the speed of sound, generate electrical fields, manipulate matter to a limited degree and form telepathic bonds allowing her to read minds.


Dimensional Reality: Oirey

Dimensional Reality: Oirey


Ruling Party: Them


Leader: Her


Capital: Planet Lilla, Kundishi System, Nunn Galaxy


Known Systems: 765m


Living Planets: 1.32m


5 Disciplines Mastery: Complete


Evolutionary Stage: Complete


Known Species: 23.8m


Languages: 412


Special Units: The Watchers


The Dimensional reality known as Oirey came into existence in the first phase of the great expansion. Planetary bodies formed circa 287million years with life developing in approx. 428m.  The fast evolving species developed language and complex coordinated societies circa 680m a.g.e., making them and the Prime the oldest civilizations in existence.


The Oirey developed a vast network of communication based on an advanced form of telepathy allowing them to exchange thoughts, sensory perception, and biochemical emotions. The center of their “hub” is their first immortal who has come to be known only as “Her”.



The Oirey reached evolutionary perfection in 1.23B and embarked on their quest to classify as much knowledge as possible. They have been actively observing the known realms, building a vast database to pass on to the next phase of existence. The Oirey exist as quasi-energy, inspiring myths of ghosts and spirits in Idam and the Nethermen of Daemon myth.