Name: Säuska Alzäeus
Legal Name: Gaawsumia Sauska Alzeaus
Known Aliases: Sawuska, Sausga , Istar, Goddess of love(Hurrian) – ‘She who is armed’
Age: 4.011 B years
Height: 5’ 11”
Weight: 312 lbs
Hair: Red and Gold
Eyes: Gold
Occupation: Gawazii Ruler, Deity (Idam)
Known Relatives: King Odäne Alzeaus
Strength Class : 66
Super Human Abilities: Possesses a number of super human abilities based of her highly evolved Gawzaii physiology. She is virtually immortal, immune to disease and able to regenerate damaged and missing tissue.
Special Skills :  Mastered E, M, and G interactions to various effects. She has shown the ability to fly at the speed of sound, generate electrical fields, manipulate matter to a limited degree and form telepathic bonds allowing her to read minds.


Dimensional Reality: Oirey

Dimensional Reality: Oirey


Ruling Party: Them


Leader: Her


Capital: Planet Lilla, Kundishi System, Nunn Galaxy


Known Systems: 765m


Living Planets: 1.32m


5 Disciplines Mastery: Complete


Evolutionary Stage: Complete


Known Species: 23.8m


Languages: 412


Special Units: The Watchers


The Dimensional reality known as Oirey came into existence in the first phase of the great expansion. Planetary bodies formed circa 287million years with life developing in approx. 428m.  The fast evolving species developed language and complex coordinated societies circa 680m a.g.e., making them and the Prime the oldest civilizations in existence.


The Oirey developed a vast network of communication based on an advanced form of telepathy allowing them to exchange thoughts, sensory perception, and biochemical emotions. The center of their “hub” is their first immortal who has come to be known only as “Her”.



The Oirey reached evolutionary perfection in 1.23B and embarked on their quest to classify as much knowledge as possible. They have been actively observing the known realms, building a vast database to pass on to the next phase of existence. The Oirey exist as quasi-energy, inspiring myths of ghosts and spirits in Idam and the Nethermen of Daemon myth.