Bringer of Peace

God of  medicine. . .

Imhotep was the only mortal to become a god. This vizier, advisor, high priest and physician to King Djoser designed Djoser’s Step Pyramid at Saqqara. In addition to these duties and accomplishments, Imhotep wrote extensively and developed revolutionary medical procedures.

This god of medicine, knowledge and architecture was usually represented seated, with a papyrus spread across his lap.

The genius of Imhotep extended from the healing arts he is believed to have been the first person to perform brain surgery to astronomy. The god of medicine, he was the only mortal in Ancient Egypt to have to have been deified. This deification came centuries after the death of this advisor and physician to King Djoser.

Imhotep designed Djoser’s Step Pyramid, the first pyramid in Ancient Egypt. There is skeletal evidence that suggests that the architect of the pyramid set difficult bone fractures and conducted inner cranial procedures on injured pyramid workers.

Centuries after his death, Egyptians still worshiped the famed physician. The sick or relatives of the stricken would honor the memory of Imhotep

and ask that his spirit intercede on their behalf. And in the 20th century Hollywood filmmakers have assigned the name of this fabled Egyptian to one of the most frightening of horror film monsters, the mummy.