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Dimensional Reality: Gawazaii

Capital: Planet Valhaze, Danite System,  Titan Major Galaxy         Gawzaii copy

 Known Systems: 123Gawz World2 copy (2)
Living Planets: 36
5 Disciplines Mastery: Complete
Evolutionary Stage: Complete
Known Species: 20,234
Languages: 188
Special Units: WaelcThe Citadel2yrge, The WarBringers

 The Gäwazaii are a species of highly evolved humanoids that emerged as the  dominate species in the Gäwazaii realm
of existence. Gäwazaii which, came into being in the first phase of the Great Expansion along with the Prime and the Vimana, is typically regarded as the 3rd old realm in the nine world cosmology

 A highly militaristic people the  Grigori use their advanced technology to seek new world to conquers. After a sound defeat at the hands of the Vimana and a rebellion by the Deamons, the Grigori turn their attention to the primitive humans of Idam who worshipped them as deities (Gods). Gäwazaii agents have remained active in human culture for the past 7 thousand years.

They established their original base in Mesopotamia and over the course of nearly a thousand years attacked and dismantled the 1st native civilizations of Kush and Kemet along the Nile Delta.






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