Dimensional Reality: Alanday
also Elf World

Ruling Party: The Collective

Leader: The Speaker

Capital: Alanday City, Planet Lilla-Dur,  Opus Ki System, Bnuri Galaxy

Known Systems: 176201

Alanday Capital Planet

Living Planets: 2 m

5 Disciplines Mastery: Complete

Evolutionary Stage: Complete

Known Species: 4 m

Languages: 240,009

Special Units: The Defenders

The Alanday realm of existence came into being in the second phase of the Great Expansion. The first planetary bodies have been date to approximately 1.1B a.g.e., their capital planet of Lilla-dur has been identified as the first fully formed planet. Single celled organisms first appeared here and it is widely regarded as the birth place of all Alanday life.

The energy rich realm produced a diverse array of Arthropoda based life forms divided into 3 sub classes (Faeries, Dwarvers, Sprites).  The Faeries (Fae) split into 2 clans the Elfien Lilla (light elves), and Elfien – du Noir (dark elves). Dwarvers evolved to produce both modern Dwarves and their close cousins the Gnomes. The Sprites evolved to produce the most diverse array of life forms. The first Prime Scientist to study Alanday life forms found the sprites to difficult and elusive to categorizes or study.  Prime scientists have referred to the Alanday as the 3rd oldest of the 9 species.

“These are a wild chaotic species changing forms as they please and popping in and out of reality in sporadic burst of excitement. It is impossible to determine their true number or common traits.” Ethus Cananabis – Prime Operative

The Alanday lived in relative peace, the various sub-species joining to build the first of their complex multi species hives circa 2.23B a.g.e. ,written language has been dated to 2.231B a.g.e. The Alanday reach evolutionary perfect in 2.731B a.g.e. under the leadership of Mother 1  a Faerie who became the first immortal of their species.

du’ Elfien, a second generation immortal, discovered the secret to inter-dimension travel in 2.801B , using stolen Prime Technology. He would discover the pocket realm which contained the Great Book that same year as well as the path the Daemos (3.11) and Idam (13.102B) .

The Alanday have formed long friendships with the humans of Earth (Idam) and the Lesser Daemons of Daemos aiding both in their fight against Gawazaii influence.