Name:  Andraste Kasia

Legal Name:

Known Aliases:  She who is invincible, Andarta (Gauls)

Age:  approximately 4 Billion years old

Height:  6’ 1” (1.82 meters)

Weight :  623 lbs (283.5 kg)

Hair:  Black

Eyes:   Brown

Unusual Features:

Occupation: Supreme Ruler Jarri System; Gawzaii Reality, War Lord; Commander of the Waelcyrge

Martial Status: Widowed

Known Affiliations: The Gäawdż Ruling Family

Known Relatives: Donbittir Alzäeus, Odane Alzäeus

Strength Class: 8

Super Human Abilities: Andraste possesses several superhuman abilities based on her highly evolved Gäwazaii physiology. Among her abilities are immunity to disease and the ability to regenerate damaged cellular tissue making her virtually immortal.

Special Skills: Andraste is highly skilled in particle manipulation mastering Nil, G, and Beta particles to various effects. She has been observed to have the ability to fly at top speeds near the speed of sound, and project powerful beams of anti-matter.

She is also a highly accomplished field general and military strategist.

Weapons: Andraste carries a variety of weapons but most often wields a double bladed sword called Fenis Tooth.


History: Andraste Kasia is  first generation Gawzaii immortal born to parents of some prominence. During the rebellion led by Odane Alzäeus and his brother Donbittar against the throne Andraste proved to be a valuable ally as her elite Waelcyrge won impressive and crucial victories over Unthar’s troop.

She claimed a large territory for herself and has remained in firm support of her cousin the king.