Angels, like mankind. exist operate in a hierarchy, ‘l he high“. are the archangels. oi Wllit it live re are «men 1 Gabriel. Ma hast. Raphael. Uriel. Zadkiel. anhiel. and perhaps the most notomm angel. Satan hinrselh


The legend of the fallen angel provides a human dimension that was heretolore missing. ’l his may be because there is alnmt no actual description of angels

in the bible. and they seem to operate without any free will. Indeed, according to some Jewish scholars, a righteous man ‘an rise above the level of an angel.

in Particular Milton’s epic poem. in which Lucifer is portrayed With more empathy than any of the . hosts of heaven. contributes to the effect, and when he says “Belle” to reign in Hell than to serve. in Heaven” it is a sentiment, wnlt