Who are the Annunaki

The Anunnaki are probably the oldest documented Pantheon of gods or set of deities  in existence. They are born out of the ancient Mesopotamian culture which is at the heart of mini first for humans. the Anunnaki were Gods who came to Earth manipulate the planet. seed the land. Created Rivers like the Euphrates and Tigris. And we’re here for a very specific purpose. Of the Sumerian gods we know the names An  Enki Enlil Iinanna Marduk Nergal .

Beyond Annunaki had one of the most formalized structures of any set of gods or Pantheon of gods. We see very clearly the delineation of power and even the changing a power it within that power structure. We see at a point Enki takes a backseat to Marduk who have come in as the new ruler of this domain. Now Enki never goes away he still remains a part of the greater organization and never loses any power or prestige. So we see a little bit more of a structure among the Anunnaki versus structures of other sets of Gods.

Now with the Anunnaki mythology we take a different approach.

The Anunnaki were physical beings who came to Earth this is what the mythology of the Sumerians tells us it’s very clear. We know that the Anunnaki came here with a purpose of removing resources from the planet primarily go that this was a colony for the Anunnaki. The Anunnaki also came with a group of lesser beings who were called the Igigi. Now the Igigi would be the primary labor force for the Anunnaki and the Anunnaki themselves were the leaders. So we understand a very well-developed hierarchy among this Advanced civilization. We know the story of the Anunnaki and their lesser counterparts because there is a clearly documented Rebellion that takes place. The Lesser Gods become tired of your constant oil moving the soil digging for gold mining and they decided that they would rebel against the god Enlil. And Enlil made a concession with the Lesser God understanding that yes they did some pretty intense labor. And what they did was a created a lesser being a Lulu that they called and this being was designed to do the labor that the gods no longer wanted to do. From  Anunnaki and primate DNA they created a hybrid that was called man. He was smart enough to be given complex task. But not powerful enough to truly rebell Against The Gods ever or present a threat to them. And this work for a great time and they were very successful but the gods who got a little greedy themselves wanted more labor so they made men able to reproduce. And Men quickly became too great in number and created noise and Chaos. So much that it Disturbed the gods who on several occasions attempted to eradicate man from the earth. These are also very well-documented stories with in Sumerian mythology. ultimately the Sumerian Anunnaki mythology tells a very complex story between Mankind and the superior being who were his progenitors.

1000 Deities, their stories were told by the Sumerians, Akkadians, Babylonians.

Though man is made to toil and work they are also aligned with the guys in their fight to keep chaos at bay or at least that’s what she told through the mythology.

The Gilgamesh Epic possibly the oldest documented epic myth gives a greater insite into the Annunaki who expressed very human emotions like anger and sympathy. From this epic its important to take 3 key points

1 Gilgamesh heritage was ⅔ god and ⅓ human. Enkudi was a unique created being. Both characters are the product of genetic manipulation. As are the humans whom the Annunaki created.

  1. The Annunaki were concerned with the happiest of man kind. when the civitens of Urak complained about Gilgamesh’s behavior Enkidu was created.

3 The Annunaki possesed advanced technology capable of terraform a planet. Extending life and creating hybrid species.

When we look at the aspects of genetic manipulation and advanced technology particular terraforming it brings a squarely into the realm of alien conspiracies. Which Anunnaki mythology almost headlines most mythologies about aliens in some way. It’s a very interesting aspect of phenomenon for culture that the Anunnaki myth has spread not only through religions and mythology aspects but into alien conspiracy and science fiction. When you would typically think that these two wouldn’t be further apart or couldn’t be further apart. And that’s why there’s so much interest and Anunnaki mythology because it hits us on a lot of levels.

There is no way to study ancient Sumeria which is one of our oldest cultures. There is no way to study Mesopotamia without running into stories of the Anunnaki. So we hid it at a cultural or historical level. Then of course we approach it from the standpoint of Mythology or creationism stories. And they give some great stories. That have influence other mythologies to come for thousands of years. And then it appeals to our alien believer culture. And I don’t think there is another set of Mythology that influences Us in so many ways.

In Annunaki myth An creates the universe. Which places An at the head of the belief system in the same way his sits at the top of this organized body. The Annunaki come to Earth seeking resources. Enki is give lordship of this domain. He separated the heavens from the Earth. Which would be terraforming the atmosphere. He seeds the land and thus the fertile crescent.  The Igigi labor force rebels and humans are created from the blood of the Annunki and primates. The humans would grow out of control and disturb the Annunaki. The gods in return would unleash plagues and floods that would influence later belief systems. The Annunaki would create many hybrid creatures fueling myths on Centaurs, Minotaur, and mermaids.

The Annunaki myth fits well with those who believe in tales of mining colonies on Mars.

At some point the Anunnaki leave the Earth and leave mankind to have in your Camaro. the other interesting component about the Anunnaki is that they tie in very heavily with alien conspiracy theory. I’m in a more unique position than almost any other mythology that they are so closely related.


An, Enlil, Enki, Ninhursag, Nanna, Utu, and Inanna.[30]

Iraq Fertile (recent

4, 000 B C E

1000 Deities

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Akkadians Sumerians

Etana of Kish

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