Name:  Ausar,

Also known as,  Osiris, Asar, he who sees  the throne.

Center of worship  – Kemet, which is modern day,  Egypt.

Classification: God,

Gender: Male,

Period of Worship:  The 5th dynasty to the present day.

Known Affiliations: The Underworld,  Rebirth, and Vegetation.

Known Relatives: Geb (the Earth), and Nut (the Sky), are his Parents. Auset and Nebthys are his sisters, and Seth, the god of Chaos is his brother. He has two sons, Heru, who rules the two lands, and Anubis, who is the god of mummification.

His sacred Stone is the  Amethyst, for its healing properties.

History:  Ausar, was born from the union of Geb, the Earth spirit, and Nut, the sky spirit.

Ausar was the brother and husband of Auset, and the brother of Nepthys and Seth. He was also the father of Horus. As well as being a god of the dead, Ausar, was a god of resurrection and fertility. In fact, the ancient Kemites believed that Ausar, gave them the gift of barley, one of their most important crops.

Ausar and his co regent, Auset, ruled the upper and lower kingdoms. Ausar, brought learning and technology to the world. He spent much of his time traveling, spreading the skill of writing, agriculture and the knowledge of pyramid building.

All loved Ausar, except his brother Seth, who was the god of chaos. Set rejected his wife Nepthys, causing her great anguish. Feeling her pain, Auset asked, Ausar, to give Nepthys a child, so that she would have the love of a mother and child. Ausar obliged, and from that union came the god, Anubis.

Set grew enraged that his wife, and son, loved his brother more than him, and used deception to slay his brother. He claimed the throne of the upper and lower kingdoms for himself.

But Auset loved her husband so much that she, and her nephew Anubis, resurrected him long enough to father another son, who was Heru the younger. Heru would avenge his fathers death and take his place as the ruler of the two lands.

Ausar, became the ruler of the underworld.  He is represented in the form of a mummy wearing a crown and holding in his hands the emblems of sovereignty and power.

A large temple was built to honor Ausar, at Abydos.