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There are many myths

 There are many myths There are many myths among the world of men regarding the creation of existence. For the 12,000 years of your history you have passed these as fables, and lore and myth, from man to child and beyond. They have been your comfort and guidance. From them you have taken morals, laws […]

, ManChild experiment 1,098.1b

ManChild experiment 1,098.1b Name: ManChild Legal Name: n/a Known Aliases: T he Kid, BrainChanger Age: 14 Height: 5’ 1” Weight: 108 lbs Hair: Brown Eyes: Green Distinct Features: Large Head Occupation: Inventor, Experiment Martial Status: Single Known Affiliations: The High Evolutionary Known Relatives: n/a Strength Factor: 2 Super Human Abilities: ManChild has highly advanced human […]

, , , They leave in the wake bloodshed and murder

He shows them the Daemon assassins who, even as they speak, are breeching the gate in growing numbers. They leave in their wake, bloodshed and murder.  They see Abigail Winfrey Capers, a child of exceptional potential who represents the birth of a new era in mankind, snuffed from existence.