Name: Avenger

Avenger of the Thathagata

Legal Name: Prithivi

Age:  2.332 Billion years

Height: 2.012 meters

Weight: 231.1960 kg

Occupation: Teacher, Warrior

Base of Operations: Planet Hai, Astoria System, Dez Galaxy Vimāna Reality

Known Affiliations: Tathagata

Strength Class: 7

Super Human Abilities: Her body exists in a quasi energy form allowing her to master particle energies at a near perfect level. She is immune to disease and posses the ability to regenerate damaged tissue making her virtually immortal.

Accessories: Prithivi possesses a highly advanced suit of armor made from a nearly indestructible metal. Powered by her essence the suit has proven to be capable of deep space flight and temperature extremes equivalent to  4778 K to 72 k.