Mr. Juggles

A demon operating in North America.


Mars War

Martian Alliance Forces Sergeant Smoochie Lei Denhay Pe’tras Jack Jack Hollerin Dunny, Grant, Camo, Tags, Cutty, Vanaiy Gutariz, Ortaz, Rubdat, Tairoi, Yullop, Watsul, Fat Boy CFO Dekko Manfield PX300 PX600 The Final Mission South Argyre, Terra Sabae 9, Isidis Planitia, Utopa Planitia, Lucus Planum Launch Marso   Serantia Aborjain was a Martian citizens who played a major […]

A Masterful plan

OmniAnd so Omni found itself content to observe the transpiring events from it’s base in the hidden pocket of time/space. It had stirred the hearts of the Oirey and the Vimāna-vāsin who would unknowingly serve it’s cause. And the human oracle who it spoke to in visions and dreams, was progressing the evolution of man at a reckless rate. With his subtle guidance she had built a most impressive center for the advancement of her kind.

There are many myths

 There are many myths

Oirey 300 x 300There are many myths among the world of men regarding the creation of existence. For the 12,000 years of your history you have passed these as fables, and lore and myth, from man to child and beyond. They have been your comfort and guidance. From them you have taken morals, laws and strength.  They have all been wrong. I am Ios, a creature of no particular note. I am a Watcher tasked with chronicling your world and all that is, was and will be. Much of what I will say will be beyond your comprehension. Much if what I say will appall your sensibilities and shatter what has been the foundation of your world. What I speak is the truth of your beginning.


There was no beginning, not as you suppose or conceive, for all that exist has always existed. You do not remember your past yet you have lived for all eternity. As have I. We are the same though our form should lend that we are not. But far enough back, before you were human, or primate of cosmic dust we were  only one. The great entity, it has no name, for names where never, needed. It has no voice, for there existed none to hear it song.


The Oirey have called it Oi-Ru, for your language we have called in the Singularity. There came the Event, the one great moment in all creation when the Singular entity.

DarkStar of the Tathagata

DarkStar of the Tathagata

Name: Vaisravana
Legal Name: Vaisravana
Known Aliases: Kubera, To-wen (China) , Bishamon (Japan) ; Rnam-thos-sras (Tibet)

DarkStar of the Thathagata

DarkStar of the Thathagata

Age: 2.1 Billion years
Height: (in energy form) variable; (in armored form) 1.981 meters
Weight: (in energy form) n/a; (in armored form) 231.92178
Hair: Teal
Eyes: Purple
Unusual Features:
Occupation: Mathematician, Warrior, God of Wealth
Base of Operations: Planet Hai, Astoria System, Dez Galaxy Vimāna Reality
Martial Status: unknown
Known Affiliations: Tathagata,
Known Relatives:
Strength Class: 6
Super Human Abilities: Vaisravana possesses several superhuman abilities based on her highly evolved Vasin physiology. Her body exists in a quasi energy form allowing her to master particle energies at a near perfect level. She is immune to disease and posses the ability to regenerate damaged tissue making her virtually immortal.

Special Skills: Vaisravana is an elite master of G, B and N Particles. She has been observed with the ability to create dimension rifts, fly at near light speeds and generate powerful blast of Nil Particles.

Weapons: Whip

Accessories: DarkStar possess a highly advanced suit of armor made of a nearly indestructible alloy. The DarkStar armor was enhanced with Nirriti crystals, amplifying the wearers ability to manipulate N particles.

History: Very little in known about Vaisravana. Worshipped as a God of Wealth in ancient China and Tibet.

King Odane Alzeus the Mighty

 Name: King Odäne Alzäeus The Mighty

Legal Name: King Odäne AlzäeusAd 400 x 565 Odane
Age: Unknown
Height: 6’ 7”
Weight: 433 lbs
Hair: Silver
Eyes: Blue
Unusual Features:
Occupation: Supreme Ruler Gawazaii Reality, Conquer of Worlds
Known Aliases: Zeus, Set, The Bringer, The Golden, Father, Odane the Wise, The 1st Born, Odin, also Wottan – Germanicm, Adam Kasia – (Mandeans; the “first” Adam. Unites the Microcosmos and the Macrocosmos.) Also Adam Qadmaia.

Martial Status: Married
Known Affiliations: The Gawazaii ż Ruling Family, The Eternal Fellowship
Known Relatives: Unthur Hedio Alzaeus (father; deceased), Sauska Alzeaus (wife) , Danlio Alzaeus (daughter), Donbittir Alzäeus (brother), Savitar the Stimulator (brother-in-law),
Strength Class: 10
Super Human Abilities: Odäne possesses several superhuman abilities based on his highly evolved Gäwazaii physiology. His advance brain allows his body to absorb and convert ambient electromagnetic energy accelerating his normal body functions. Among his abilities is immunity to disease and the ability to regenerate damaged cellular tissue making him virtually immortal.

Special Skills : Odäne possesses several other abilities based on his incredible mastery in the E and M Interactions. Among them has the ability to generate and project powerful bolts of electricity, and fly at speeds approaching the speed of sound in a vacuum.

History: Odäne was born the 7th child of King Unthur Hedio Alzaeus who was the first ruler of the United Empire of the Titan Major System. As was standard with the children of
the royal family Odäne was sent to Hina, a small system of planets on the outskirts of the galaxy. There he and is siblings where trained in mastery of the 5 interactions. Unthur’s goal was to advance the development of his race in order to build the ultimate army.

Odäne like several of his siblings represented the final stage of Gäwazaii evolution. While there the Siblings formed an alliance with 3 powerful students. ), Donbittir Alzäeus, Andraste Kasia and the Stimulator. The group dubbed themselves the Gaawz-Sui which loosely translated means ‘the Masters of All’.

The group led a bloody campaign with their fellow students the ended in the death of Unthar at the hands of his 2 sons Odäne-aMet and Donbittir. Odäne-aMet assumed the title of King and has ruled the kingdom unchallenged for the past billion years.


Weapons: The Enlighter

Accessories: Hildskjalf – The Throne of Odhinn located in Valaskjalf from which he can see all the nine worlds


The Gods had found a weakness in early men

The Gaawdz had found a weakness in early men. The Collective could not deny that it was a masterful plan.


When they crawled out of their caves and into the frightening abyss of creation, they found the Gawazaii waiting to greet them. Beautiful and powerful immortals, early man worshipped them as Gods. They wooed them with the technology and fantastic feats of power and strength that Man took for magic. The Gaawdz took credit for the sunrise and life-giving oceans and accepted the thanks and praise that Man showered upon them for these gifts.Poseidon090412

Deep within its fortress

Deep within its fortress, a billion light years away from the world of the Gods, as men have called them, the digital consciousness known as the Central Intelligence observes carefully the actions of its proxy as it greets the Ğäwåżaii Elite. It is a great risk sending her here. The immeasurable distance strains the control that the Central Intelligence enjoys over its creations. She is so far from base that there is a danger of conflicting data entering the processing unit called the Sirius Brain. It had made Sirius more powerful than its previous heralds and if a digital consciousness such as this were capable of pride, certainly the amazing feat of robotic engineering that Sirius represents is deserved of such an emotion.