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Iron splintering projectile weapon used heavily in the Mars Wars. caseless3

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The Enlightener

The Enlightener

 Type: Staff

The Enlightener

The Enlightener

 Origin: The Enlightener is a uniquely designed weapon incorporating Gawazaii and stolen Prime technology.  Commissioned Emperor Unthar Alzäeus the weapons internal construction was engineered by a captive Prime diplomat and executed by Gawazaii engineers  


Properties: The Enlightener is composed of a unique, high density alloy that is lightweight, resistant to corrosion and heat and roughly 3 times the strength of reinforced steel.


The internal mechanics of the Enlightener allow the staff to enhance and focus ambient Electromagnetic energy, often manifesting in powerful beams of lighting.

The staff is keyed to Unthar’s dna, designed to prevent anyone but Unthar from wielding the weapon, though is son Odane has figured a way around this defense system.


Blade Composition: Unknown



Wielder(s): Odane Alzäeus, Unthar Alzäeus  


Ø     Length: 6 ft

Ø     Width: 1 ft

Ø     Weight: 46.6 kg





 Type: KnifeShadowStrikeShadowStrike 2

Origin: ShadowStrike was forged by Alvi  ze-Guji of the  Daemon Imperial Guard, using a smelting process developed by his ancestral clan.  Upon his death he passed the blade along to Dez Daityäas, for whom he had secretly designed the blade. 

 Properties: ShadowStrike is made of a highly dense metallic alloy developed by ancient Daemon metal smith called Pyromite which was smelted at temperatures above 5,700 degrees Fahrenheit.

 The Pyromite Blade is highly resistant to corrosion and high heat making it a favorite among the HellFire wielding Daemons. Its extreme density makes it roughly 2.5 times as strong as steel.

 Blade Composition: 72.2% Element 119, 22.7% Element 86(Radon), 6.1% Element 13(Aluminum)

 GemStone – The Nirriti gem in the hilt of the knife is a rare gem found only in the Daemos reality. It is valued for its ability to enhance Dark Energy (Nil particles).


Wielder: Dez Daityäas Imperial Assassin House Daityäas, Deamos Ruling Party


Length: 45 cm

Width: 12.1 cm

 Weight: 13.6 kg