Dimensional Reality: Daemos- also Hellworld, Hell (Idam), Hades (Idam), Fire Worlds

Ruling Party: House Daityäas

Leader: Emperor Th’uban Daityäas

Planet HadÖÕ Haudizz, Hadez Galaxy, Nil System

Capital:, Planet HadÖÕ Haudizz, Hadez Galaxy, Nil System

Known Systems: 22

Living Planets: 276,103

5 Disciplines Mastery: Complete

Evolutionary Stage: Complete

Known Species: 4m

Languages: 10,002

Special Units: The Hell Hounds, The Kooga,

The Daemos realm of existence came into being during the second phase of the Great Expansio

  1. High in natural sulfur and Nil energy the Realm produced a fast breeding and highly adaptable form of life. Fossil records date the single celled Dykbites to approximately 300 million years A.G.E.

Modern Daemons first appeared approximately 2.3b A.G.E evolving into 3 sub-species The Greater Daemons, the Lesser Daemons and d’Jinn.

The three existed in relative peace content in their distinct ecological niche.

Gäwazaii forces seeking new colonies breached Daemos reality in 2.7433 A.G.E. Lacking any centralized leadership the Daemons were easy prey for the advanced and highly organized Gäwazaii military.

The Gäwazaii ruled the central cluster of the Daemos reality, forcing the free Daemons to the harsh outer worlds. Guided by d’Jinn scientist the Daemons set up breeding camps selectively breeding for stronger, armored bodies and increased intelligence.

From this roughly breeding process came the Greater Deamos who represented the final stage in Daemon evolution. The 9 Greater Daemons led the rebellion that would force the Gäwazaii into a peace treaty withdrawing all but a small portion of their forces

Free for foreign for the first time in nearly 5 centuries the Daemons modeled their government on the Militarized Monocracy  of their former oppressors seating field general Th’uban Daityäas at the head of their newly formed galatic empire.

Daemons have been highly active in Idam for the last 7,000 years. enforcing Gäwazaii interest as a condition of the treaty. Humans often refer to them as devils or demons and their realm as Hades.

(Notable members Emperor Th’uban Daityäas, Dez Daityäas)