There are, in the deep regions of space, pathways to dimensional pockets, hidden to all but those who know the great highways of existence. These are the gateways between worlds connecting the vast unyielding cosmos. In this specific pocket, in this particular quadrant, at this precise moment, there comes a quiver. It is the tiniest quake that suddenly ripples, and then slowly burst open, depositing into this space and time, Dez Daityäas, Imperial Assassin of the Ruling House of Daemos. The journey from her homeland has been a blur to her keen eyes, a twisting, turning rollercoaster that plays havoc on her stomach. She can see endless, rich blackness and golden hued pathways, like some great comic expressway.  And through the haze, Dez, who possesses a profoundly curious mind, never has time to process what she is seeing as she comes to a stop with a harsh, bone jarring thud. She curses in her ancient language.