Name : Dez

Legal Name : Dez Daityäas

Dez Imperial Assasin

Age : 1,013

Height : 5’ 11”

Weight : 493 lbs

Hair : White

Eyes : Red

Skin Color: Dark Red/Black

Unusual Features : Dez possess features common to her

species of Daemon; including wings, prehensile tail, and


Occupation: Imperial Assassin

Base of Operations: Hadez Galaxy, Nil System,

Planet HadÖÕ Haudizz

Martial Status: Single

Known Affiliations : House Daityäas, The Squadron,

Azi Dahaka

Known Relatives: EmperorTh’uban Daityäas

Strength Factor: 33

Super Human Abilities: Dez possess super human abilities common to second generation Daemos immortals, including superhuman strength, resistant to disease, and the ability to regenerate damaged tissue, making her virtually immortal. In addition Dez is highly skilled in Nil Particle ,  Beta Particle and G Particle manipulation allowing her to perform such feats as beta energy projection, flight and the creation of dark energy clouds.

Special Skills : Dez is a highly trained fighter skilled in assassination and small squadron field ops. She is proficient in several Daemon fighting style and is highly skilled in the use of bladed weapons. She is particularly fond of knives

Special Weapons: ShadowStrike