Name: Dr. Audrey Kingston-DrakeDr. Audrey Kingston Drake2

Legal Name: Audrey Lee-Ann Kingston-Drake

Age: 41

Height: 5′ 9″

Weight: 132 lbs

Hair: Auburn

Eyes: Green

Occupation: Geneticist, Head of Research High Evolutionary

Martial Status: Married (legally separated)

Known Affiliations: The High Evolutionary, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of California Berkley

Known Relatives: Goodman “Mars” Drake (Husband), Anastasia Kingston (half-sister) , Sanford Kingston (father deceased), Tyler Ann Jackson (mother)

Strength Class: 1

Super Human Abilities: n/a

Special Skills: Audrey Kingston-Drake is a highly skilled scientist specializing in Genetic Manipulation. She has studied in other fields including Anthropology, Biology and Physics among them.

Weapons: n/a

Accessories: Dr. Drake utilizes a specially designed mobile computer called Alexandria which features a specially designed  learning processor.


History: Audrey Kingston was born in San Francisco, CA in 1972 to Dr. Sanford Kingston and Tyler Ann Jackson a wealthy socialite. Audrey displayed a high intelligence at a young age graduating high school at 16 and starting college courses at the University of California at Berkley 3 months latter.

After graduation she would accept work in a  government run facility decoding dna strains in an attempt to fully maps Earth’s evolutionary tree. In June of 2003 she was contacted by the High Evolutionary’s field operative Sable St. James who offered her the freedom to pursue the secrets of evolution without the legal and governmental sanctions she faced working for the United States government.

Frustrated and bored Audrey jumped at the opportunity. She tender her resignation and bored a flight to the High Evolutionary’s research facility in the South Pacific Sea.


Dr. Kingston-Drake would replace Dr. Yuri Drasic as the head of research in 2007. She has maintained the post since that time.