Genii Spirits Arabian Mythology

(p1. of genius) Protective spirits who guide human beings. In Etruscan and Roman art they were represented as naked winged youths. Since the seventeeth century the term has been applied to male and female winged figures; and, in the art of the ancient east, to hybrid beings with the heads of birds who appear in a posture of greeting or who are fertilizing the sacred tree, e.g. on Assyrian relief tablets and, similarly, on Cretan cameos (see illustration). Today, the term denotes ghostly beings endowed with supernatural powers.

Throughout history we see mention of the genie in various parts of the world. And good gnostic hierarchies the Genies are on a rank with angels. In Arabic lower the genie are equivalent to the term the Jen. And a cereal Babylonian demonology the Genie or Jen were demons who particulate who participated closely with the lives of everyday humans.

Good genii work all shedu and will act as Guardians for humans. Or even property. Other lore Has linked Genies to the concept of giants equating it with other mythologies of similar subject matter.

In Arabic folklore the Genies are sort of Elementals. Arabian Spirits perhaps atomistic. Although by most account they were fearsome and usually portrayed as monstrous demons. Evil Genius call edimmu were said to be the souls of the Dead who had not been properly buried. According to myth the genie were created out of fire. And populated the Earth from me thousands of years before the rise of Adam and Eve.

They were perverts and vicious and will not reform although profits were sent to try to salvage them. I don’t repentant they were eventually driven from the earth and took refuge in the outlying islands of the sky.

The original purebred Genie originated from a planet inside the Thuban star system. they probably came to Earth during the first demon invasion of Earth. Genie themselves are not true Immortals. They eat and drink and proliferate the same as many other organic species. Living in small communities with rulers and ranks. At some point they were completely dominated by the alpha Draconian. And most often operate in servitude positions to them.