Stories of Giants exist on most parts of the world and many mythologies.

In Atlanta, Ga., “The Banner” on May 6, 1884, told of Smithsonian scientists finding giant skeletons in an Indian burial mound: “The stones were removed, when in a kind of vault beneath them, the skeleton of a giant, who measured seven feet two inches, was found.”

March 17, 1910, headlined “Prehistoric Bones Found.” The article said, “Unmoved, untouched and unseen for hundreds of years and hidden in the recesses of a deep cave 25 miles north of Shoshone, Lincoln County in Southern Idaho is the skeletons (sic) of a giant, ten feet tall evidently of prehistoric origin.

The New York Times on March 17, 1924, published a story from Lewiston, “A huge skeleton, believed to be that of a prehistoric human being has been discovered in Salmon River Country by two members of the State Highway Dept., who brought their find to the City.

“Belief that the person was of an herbivorous race was expressed owing to the peculiar formation of the jaws and teeth. Both the upper and lower jaws each had only ten teeth, all of which were intact.” Physicians said the skeleton was a woman more than 8 feet tall, and the bones also supposedly sent to the Smithsonian for study.

That Giants have at one time roamed the Earth is without question. These are the decendents of the Grigori Invaders who were themselves of massive size when compared to humans. It was their intention to dislodge the offspring on the civilization from the Sirius star and instead place their own strain at the top of the command chain for Earth.

Biblical accounts of Giants

David vs Goliath the Philistine.

The Great Deluge was about wiping Giants off the Earth.

The Titans of Greek Myth – The first war the Greek gods fought was against the Titans, who were Giants.

Odin of Asgard,
The Frost Giants, The Storm Giants.
Jotan – were man eaters

The Emites of Iron age India were a tribe of Giants.