Lithuanian goddess of death. Her name derives from the verb gelti=to sting, harm. Clad in white, she approaches the house in which the sick person lies; then she strangles or suffocates him. She is known to roam cemeteries to draw poison from the bodies of corpses. She drinks the foul secretions then licks a person she has chosen for death.


Pronunciation : Coming soon

Alternative names : None known

Area or people : Lithuania

Location : Lithuania, Latvia and Prussia

Gender : Female

Type : deity

In charge of : Death

God of : Death

Celebration or Feast Day : Unknown at present

Good/Evil Rating : NEUTRAL, may not care

Lithuanians tell of Giltine, the death goddess

Long nose, even longer tongue

dripping deadly venom

Clad in a white sheet

Found in cemeteries

seeking coffins’ contents

her poison’s source

She bites, strangles, suffocates

a million ways to die

Giltine knows no obstacles

fences mean nothing

doors open themselves

She’s an unseen shadow

but you will hear her whip

cracking thrice in the air

or the clatter of her bone rattle

Feel a sudden shiver

She’s looked you in the face

and moved on…this time

Though a Patroness of healers

do not interfere with her will

tricking her is possible

but all measures are temporary

She will come for you

There is no escaping fate

Look where she stands

to know thy future

foot of the bed, recovery

head of the bed

say your prayers

your life is done.