Ancient Egyptian

Anhur, god of war, not a native god
Bast, cat-headed goddess associated with war, protection of Lower Egypt and the pharaoh, the sun, perfumes, ointments, and embalming
Horus, god of the king, the sky, war, and protection
Maahes, lion-headed god of war
Menhit, goddess of war, “she who massacres”
Montu, falcon-headed god of war, valor, and the Sun
Neith, goddess of war, hunting, and wisdom
Pakhet, goddess of war
Satis, deification of the floods of the Nile River and an early war, hunting, and fertility goddess
Sekhmet, goddess of warfare, pestilence, and the desert
Set, god of the desert and storms, associated with war
Sobek, god of the Nile, the army, military, fertility, and crocodiles
Sopdu, god of the scorching heat of the summer sun, associated with war
Wepwawet, wolf-god of war and death who later became associated with Anubis and the afterlife