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The High Evolutionary:

The prime directive of this organization is the discovery, development and breeding of the 9 Prime Humans who together would mark the final stage in the evolution of High Evolutionary logo copymankind. Candidates are chosen based on genetics, previous training, or displayed aptitude in the mastery of any of the 5 Prime Interactions.


The High Evolutionary’s state of the art facilities are equipped to accelerate the development of the Candidates at every stage of life from the embryonic stage forward. Training is specialized per each candidate with an emphasis of development of individual skill sets.


 High Evolution - The Structure copyHeadquarters: Palikir Island, Federated States of Micronesia

Primary Facility: Sanctuary

 6°55N 158°11E


Established : Jan 3rd, 1941


 Mahir – Founding member

Prime Director, Visionary

Status: Active


Dr. Yuri Drasic – Founding Member

Biologist, Former Head of Research Facilities

Status: Deceased


King Mutah the blind deposed King of Songhay, Founding member

Associate Member

Status: Deceased (June 1822)


 Gen Xisouthros Li of the Tang Dynasty, Founding Member

War Master, Head Trainer

 Status: Inactive


Dr. Audrey Kingston-Drake  – Mar 15, 99

Geneticist, Head of Research Facilities

Status: Active



Sex: Male



Sex: Female



 Weapons –

Durrey Modified AR 15 Assault Rifle


Security System – Saya