Ikenga Ibo God Bestows good fortune

In southeast Nigeria, there’s a masculine deity that confers success in farming, trading, hunting, blacksmithing, creative arts and procreation.

This deity is called Ikenga (pronounced ee-ken-ga). It is symbolized with a statuette of a two-horned warrior holding a sword in his right hand.

The function of this god, worshipped by the Ibo in Nigeria, was to guide men’s hands or arms correctly -hence his name which means ‘right upper-arm’. He is represented wearing two enormous horns (symbolizing his power) with a sword and a severed human head in his hands. The two horns may be doubled; that is, there may be four of them. The images of Ikenga set up in households are supposed to ensure prosperity and good fortune, and their advice is often sought by the inmates.

There is an interpretation that Ikenga is the destiny, which and unborn soul works out for itself with the help of its chi before it incarnates into the physical world