Istar – ( star of heaven) is a Mesopotamian (Babylonian-Akkadian) Goddess of Fertility, love and war.

Period of Worship : Circa 2500 bce until the present day.

Ishtar probably the most significant and influential of all ancient Near Eastern goddesses. She is counterpart of, and largely takes over from the Sumerian Inana. She is the daughter, in separate traditions, of the moon god SIN and of the god of heaven ANU. She is generally depicted with rings and with weapon cases at her shoulders. She may carry a ceremonial double-headed mace-scimitar embellished with lion heads and is frequently accompanied by a lion. She is symbolized by an eight-pointed star.

ln Egypt she was revered as a goddess of healing. There is evidence from the el-Amarna letters that Amenhotep III, who apparently suffered from severe tooth abscesses, was loaned a statue of Istar from Nineveh in the hopes that its curative powers might help his suffering.