Kemet is humanity’s oldest documented culture and the inspiration for everything associated with civilization and human genius. Kemet is most commonly associated with Ancient Egypt. It is the civilization that produced the pharaohs, the pyramids, the hieroglyphs and countless wonders that modern scientists, engineers and academics still do not understand.

Modern history calls their lands Egypt and them the ancient Egyptians. But these were Greek terms for the the people who called themselves the Khems.

KMT was populated from south to North by a people called Anu. This is a people that came from Southern Africa and the Great Lakes region that first settled between the current Sudan and Southern Egypt. it is the Anu who would gradually migrate down the Nile to conquer up to the north extreme the delta.  kemetic civilization has its roots in the Great Lakes and southern Africa where the first modern humans were born and where all the first traces of human civilization were found. That is why the great lakes and southern Africa were designated by the kemites as the holy land or the land of the god

Mathematics, writing, agriculture, architecture and religion all were invented within Africa. This is evident in its advanced architecture and cult