Odin King of the Asir

Odin is the King of the Gods of Norse mythology. He is a mighty and wise god who defends the 9 realms from the chaos represented by the various clans of Giants. Odin himself is the offspring of two giants but he and his brothers vowed to end the reign of the giants who plagued all the 9 worlds. They waged a powerful war using magical weapons crafted for them by the dwarf clans. The three brother emerged victorious driving the giants back to their native lands and restoring order.

They built glorious city kingdom which they called Asgard. Odin has ruled since that time. He has man children the most notable are Thor, the God of Thunder and Loki the god of lies.
Odin was a Giant.

It is widely believed the Odin and a direct descendant of the original Grigori invaders who destroyed Mars. His single conquest has always been the control of Earth.