Purusha is the primordial man or cosmic giant of Indian mythology. According to the ancient sacred text the Rige Veda, Pursha was 3.4 immortal and 1.4 mortal. From his mortal quarter he released his wife, Viraj. He was reborn through her as a universal spirit. He took the took the for of a giant with 1,000 thighs, 1,000 feet, 1,000 arms, 1,000 eyes, 1,000 faces, and 1,000 heads.

He sacrificed himself so the world could be created. His head head became the heaven, his navel the atmosphere, his feet the Earth , the sun from his eyes, the seasons from his arm pits, the moon from his mind.

The gods and the Brahaman caste came from his mouth. The wind comes from his breath. From his arms come the warrior class known as the kshatriyas. His thigh became the traders and the farmers. His feet became the servants.