1. Raznak

About: Warlords of the daemon world. The Raznak are powerful immortals who are noted for their vast and proficient armies. Most typically commanding legions of Nybbas, Gargoyles, Death Wings, Hell Hounds and Cambions in highly regimented military structure.

They are noted for their high intelligence in particular in military strategy. The Raznak value the Dark energy (nil particle) , Beta Energy, and Electromagnetic energy manipulation disciplines. Telepathy (E particle manipulation) is particularly useful in controlling lesser daemons minds. Warlords skilled in telepathy typically build the strongest and most loyal armies.

Physical Information: based on average collected dataEmperor Th’uban Daityäas FB

Height; (m) 6’ 10” (f) 6’ 9”

Weight; (m) 1,233 lbs (f) 1,091 lbs

Skin (hide) Scaly to smooth

Arms: 2 (typical but may vary)

Legs: 2 (typical but may vary)

Life Span – Immortal

Horns Length – (m) 1’ (f) 8”

Wing Span – (m) 7’ 3” (f) 7’ 1”

Tail Length (m) 4’ 8” (f)

Strength Class: 9

Intelligence: moderate to high

The Raznak are warlike creatures whose main strength lies in their military might. As a species they have had limited interactions with humans of Earth most often in small combat units.

The Raznak are physically imposing creatures with armored hides, horns, tails and claws as common traits. They are possessed of impressive physical strength and are naturally gifted in the art of Dark Energy (Nil Particle) manipulation.

Flight: An adult Raznak Daemon  can achieve top speed of  249 kilometers per hour under optimum conditions.

Weapons: Bred for warfare the Raznak Daemon possesses an impressive array of natural weapons.

5-9 inch retractable talon has shown the ability to cut through reinforced steel.

9-14 inch horns capable of piercing cinderblock.

Energy projection

Hellfire: the most potent weapon of the Raznak Daemon is the ability to generate and a project a highly destructive energy called Hellfire. Wielded by a master Hellfire can reach temperatures in excess of 2,700 degrees Fahrenheit, sufficient to melt steel.

Raznak are difficult to kill but have notable vulnerabilities. Their wings, though powerful are vulnerable to sharp edged blades which is crucial in grounding the daemon if one were to face one in combat.

They have the ability to regenerate damaged tissue, the only way to kill a Raznak Daemon is to remove the head.

Notable: Asmodai of Judaism, Angru Mainyu ancient Persian, EINMYRIA (Norse)