Sacred Text of Earth Civilizations.

Sacred text. A sacred text is Loosely defined as any text that is sacred by religious group. Examples would be the Bible to Christianity. The Quran to Islam. The talmood to Judaism. The most compelling component of sacred tax or conversations about sacred text is the commonality found among them.

Also important are the distinctive differences. At the end of any conversation about sacred tax it needs to be established that sacred text reflect civilization. They are a manuscript of what a society fears. Also gives insight into what they love. And what they Aspire ultimately to be. These Austin are tied into morals and behaviors. But will tie into economics and War and education as well. So conversations about sacred text in this standpoint show us more about the individual cultures. And what they shared in common.

They may also give us insights to our history when we can look at events on specific time lines that make allude with other events. For this example we may look at something like the great flood which is reported in multiple civilizations from around the globe. We also look at stories about Giants which appear repeatedly in mini sacred tax from civilizations that had no contact with one another.

So for this purpose we will take a look at sacred text and try to have an understanding of each to give us a better understanding of The Human Condition and the development of civilizations on the planet Earth.

Of the major sacred texts that we will explore we will touch on the Bible, the Koran, the Vedas, the book of Norse mythology, the book of coming forth by day, and many others. Scriptures comprise a large part of the literature of the world. They vary greatly in form volume age and degree of sacredness. But their common attributes is at their words are regarded by The Devout as sacred.

Sacred words differ from ordinary words.  In that they are believed to either possess and convey spiritual. Magical powers or to be the meaning through which a Divine being or other sacred reality is revealed. In phrases and sentences full of power and Truth.