Name:  Savitar the Stimulator

Legal Name:

Known Aliases:  The Sun God (Vedic) Ahura Mazda (Zarathustra), Huitzilopochtli (Aztecs)

Age:  4.119 billion ears

Height:  6’ 6”

Weight:  599 lbs

Hair:  Golden

Eyes:   Gold

Unusual Features:

Occupation: Warrior, deity

Martial Status: unknown

Known Affiliations: The Gawazaii Ruling Family, the Eternal Alliance,

Known Relatives: Sauska Alzäeus (sister), Odane Alzäeus

Strength Class: 8

Super Human Abilities:  Savitar possesses several superhuman abilities based on his highly evolved Gäwazaii physiology. Among his abilities are immunity to disease and the ability to regenerate damaged cellular tissue making his virtually immortal.

Special Skills: Savitar is a highly accomplished master of E and Nil particles which is manipulates for a variety of effects. He has been observed using his ability create hydrogen powered mini-stars capable of  providing power for a small city for several months and achieving speeds approaching the speed of light in a vacuum for brief periods of time.

Weapons: Savitar wields a variety of weapons notable battle axe, sword, war mace.

Accessories: Savitar wears a specially enhanced suit of armor designed to amplify E-Particle attraction and manipulation.

History: Savitar is a 2nd generation Grigori immortal born of common parents. He is the youngest of the Gods and was found and trained by Odäne Alzäeus in order to complete the 9 Gawazaii elite whom he would lead. He is considered to be the finest war in the Gawazaii realm and is the champion of the kingdom.

The Stimulator

Mars Wars

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