Telekinesis – Dr. Audrey Kingston-Drake

Entry by: Dr. Audrey Kingston-Drake
Head of Research, High EvolutionaryTelekinesis


Classification: M Particle

The psychic ability to directly influence objects without physical interaction. Observable effects include the ability to move (Control) solid objects. But theoretical applications can include the manipulation of time/space and energy.

Researching the work of Alexander N. Aksakof who first coined the phrase is 1890.


Meditating TelekinesisRequires quiet relaxed environment.

Mediation session 10-20 minutes prior. Meditation lies at the very core of developing this your superhuman skill. In order to channel  energy into the objects around you, your brain needs to be 100% clear. No other thoughts must pervade, disrupting and distracting you from the thoughts you need to channel. Meditation is the quickest way to develop this skill.

Theta Brainwave status

Progression  in telekinesis also varies greatly and depends on the person.

Try to boost concentration.



Jewel – Displayed ability before the age of five. Developed rapidly post puberty and into adult hood

Maximum Capacity – 355 lbs at last test

MaximumRange – 33 feet




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