Dadimunda, or Devata Bandara, is one of the most popular gods of the Singhalese people of Sn’ Lanka. Originally, he looked after temples, but later he became treasurer to the supreme god UPULVAN. Dadimunda finally emerged as the protector of Buddhism in Sri Lanka. He is said to ride on an elephant attended by numerous
YAKSHAS, or lesser deities.

THE DAITYAS, according to Hindu mythology, are giant ASURAS who oppose the gods.

The Adityas are the offspring  of Aditib the Hindu mother goddess. They are usually said to number seven or eight deities, including Mithra and VARUNA. However. in later times, there were sometimes said to be 12 Adityas, each of whom was associated with the sun as the source of life, and each connected with a month of the year.

The Adityas are believed to offer salvation from all ills. Martanda, the eighth son of Aditi, is sometimes regarded as the divine ancestor of human beings.