The destruction of Kemet

Seeking to control the beliefs of the humans of Earth, the Grigori identified the civilizations and knowledge centers of Kemet and Kush as direct threats. They were both rich and powerful and the teachings of these kingdoms were rapidly being spread around the world.

The Grigori attacked first using the Assyrian army, then the Persian army and then last with Alexander of Macedon. Is was documented in 331 that Alexander had access to advanced weaponry.

Kemet has since been looted for its wealth and knowledge and its descendants scattered.

Grigori assisted attacks on Kmt

Kemet was invaded by the Assyrians between 667-664 B.C.E. Next by the Cambyses in 525 B.C.E. and becomes part of the Persian Empire; capital is moved to Babylon. Between 404-399 B.C.E. the Persians are expelled. From 380-343 B.C.E. was the last period of rulership by native-born Kemetic Kings. Second Persian Invasion 343-332 B.C.E. 332 Alexander of Macedonia defeats the Persians and conquers Kemet. From 332-30 B.C.E. The Greeks ruled and re-named Kemet and called the land Egypt. After the Greeks came the Romans who ruled from 30 B.C.E. to 323 A.C.E. Augustus Caesar claims Egypt as a provice of Rome. During thistime period degenerate elements of the ancient Kemetic religion are popularized in Rome. So the Roman and Greeks worshipped the ancient Kemetic Gods who were all black and created their own polytheistic religion and gave the Gods thier Roman and Greek qualties. From 323-642 A.C.E. The Byzantines ruled. During this period Constantine becomes first Christain Emperor of Rome and convenes the first Nicaean council i Nicaea, Turkey, in 325 and declares Christianity the official state religion in 333. Christia Emperor Theodosius bans the ancient religious systems of Egypt and orders the closing of all Egyptian temples. In 394 B.C.E. was the last recorded date of Egyptian hieroglypic inscriptions. In 527 A.C.E. Christain Emperor Jusinian finally succeeds in closng the last Egyptian temple at Philae.

From ^51 A.C.E.- preset day Egypt was overran by Arabs and introduced Islam. From this time o the present day Egypt was ruled by the Mamelukes(former Turkish and Circassian slaves) who conquered Egypt. Then Later by the Ottoman Turks. Then by Napolean of France. Then he was defeated by the combined armies of the British and the Ottoman troops. In 1952 King Faruk is forced to giv up the throne. In 1953 Muhammad Naguib becomes the first Nubian to rule Egypt since 343 B.C.E. In 1954 he is overthrown by general Gamal Abdel Nasser who forms the United Arab Republic in 1958. In 1970 Anwar el-Sadat becomes president after the death of Nasser and Sadat was alsothe last Nubian ruler of Egypt. In 1981 Sadat was assassinated and Hosni Mubarak becomes president.