The Grigori Invasion of Earth began approximately 10,000 years ago. This is a hostile invasion by a highly advanced alien for who aspire to control the resources of the Earth for their own purposes. They first came to Earth targeting the native cultures of Kemet and Kush and were ultimately rebuffed as they humans were  the decedents of  civilization of Sirius B.

The Grigori established their own bases initial in Mesopotamia, then Rome. They have lead a 6,000 year campaign to  uproot the Kemetic and Kushite civilization from the Earth to claim the resources for themselves. They have infiltrated and established religious followings and well as kingdoms and national governments. They had have waged war against those who follow the word of the Earth Sirius B ancestors.

The Grigori control the war machines of Earth and often pit countries against each other for their own purposes. The Grigori influence directly lead to World War I, World War II, The Vietman war, and the Trans Atlantic Slave trade.

The destruction of Kemet

Seeking to control the beliefs of the human of Earth the Grigori identified the civilization of Kemet as Kush and direct threats. They were both rich and powerful and they teachings of these kingdoms was rapidly being spread around the world.

The Grigori attacked first using the Assyrian army, then the Persian army and then last with Alexander of Macedon. Is was documented in 331 that Alexander had access to advanced weaponry.

Kemet has since been looted for its wealth and knowledge and its descendents scattered.