The Guardian
Name: Dyaus pitar
Legal Name: Dyaus pitar
Age: 2.38 Billion years
Height: (in energy form) variable; in armored form 2.12 meters
Weight: (in energy form) n/a; in armored form 292.11. kg
Hair: Black (projection)
Eyes: Brown (projection)
Unusual Features: Dyaus pitar, like most of his species, exist in a quasi-energy form. His projection is a version of his form physical form.
Occupation: Teacher. Warrior
Martial Status: n/a
Known Affiliations: Tathagata

Known Relatives: Acala Bashir (son), Prithivi (consort)

Strength Class: 9
Super Human Abilities: Dyaus possesses several superhuman abilities based on his highly evolved Vasin physiology. He body exists in a quasi energy form allowing him to master particle energies at a near perfect level. He is immune to disease and posses the ability to regenerate damaged tissue making him virtually immortal.
Special Skills: Dyaus has mastered E, G, B, and N particle manipulation to an elite degree. He has shown the ability to fly, and projection powerful beams of energy.
Weapons: n/a
Accessories: Dyaus possesses a specialized suit of nearly indestructible armor. Powered by an energy source such as Dyaus the suit is capable of deep space flight at velocities approaching the speed of light.
History: Dyaus is a 1st Generation Vimāna -vāsin, he has dedicated his life to spreading the teaching of his mentor Ak Obhya zZen. He has been instrumental in establishing Zen strong holds on planet Earth of the Idam realm.
He is regarded in India as the sky-god and father of god. He is usually mentioned in association with the earth goddess Prithivi.