Ham was one of Noah’s three sons, Shem and Japheth were the other two. Noah’s descendants repopulated the earth after the Great Flood. Ham’s descendants are traced to the families of Africa.  Ham (Khawm) in Hebrew means BLACK, HOT AND BURNT.

Ham had four sons,

  1. CUSH (Ethiopians / Cushites & Nubians),
  2. MIZRAIM (Egyptians / Khemet),
  3. PHUT (Ancient Libyans or Somalia),
  4. CANAAN (Canaanite, the original inhabitants of the land of Israel) genesis 10:6-19.

All four of Ham’s sons and their descendants settled in and around the continent of Africa, this includes the so called Middle East which is also a part of the Continent of Africa.  Ham sons are the people of the African continent, the Ancient Egyptians, Ethiopians, Somalia’s, Canaanites etc.